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Commercial Insulation Installation Services

Half Price Insulation provides qualified trades to install a range of insulation products in both commercial and industrial applications. We have a range of products being supplied by leading manufacturers including Ecowool, EarthWool, Kingspan, Bradford, Poly Max, Foil Board, Rmax, and many others. Whatever your project talk to our team about how we can provide you with a tailored solution to best work with your job timeline.

Our commercial division can handle several industrial products from fire protection, PIR boards, pipe lagging, large-scale wall and roofs, and thermal panels for car parks and multi-story apartments. Call our office on 1300023847. Below are details of the type of products we can install Acoustic Insulation With the increasing density of the population in Melbourne, sound insulation is becoming more and more popular. All apartment developments in Melbourne are now using sound insulation, by using high-performance sound insulation you can reduce sound transfer from room to room creating a quieter and peaceful environment. Thermal We started our business in thermal insulation.

Our installation team is working know installing thermal insulation in walls, floors, and roofs of houses all across Melbourne. Our business was formed to provide quality cost-effective insulation in both commercial and residential. Roofing Not all roof insulation is created equal, at Half Price Insulation we know what is best for your job to get the best result. Trust our staff to access your job and give you the solution that best meets your needs and also the Australian building code. Fire Protection We have seen that in recent years fire protection is a growing concern to people all over Victoria, both those who live in the country Victoria and those living in apartments and high-density living. Our staff can advise you on our complete range of fire retardant insulation. Ensuring your next project has the right fire protection to ensure you meet all building standards and provide the highest quality product available.

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