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Rmax Therma Advantage Panel Standard 10 Length 2.5m

Brand: Rmax Insulation
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Rmax Therma Advantage Panel Standard 10 Length 2.5m (RMAXTHADPANELISTANDARD1025) by

Rmax Therma Advantage Panel Standard 10 Length 2.5m

1.2m X 2.5m / 10mm / 3.00m2

ThermaAdvantage® Foil Insulated Board provides superior levels of insulation while reducing heating and cooling costs. It combines the outstanding thermal characteristics of EPS with the high reflectivity and low emissivity of aluminium foil producing a cost effective, space saving insulation product. 

Unlike conventional ‘between stud’ insulation, Therma Advantage® provides a continuous insulation membrane by completely covering studs and noggins, which can occupy approximately around 15% of wall area. This large proportion of wall area when uninsulated, promotes heat loss and gain, while creating other related problems such as dust encroach-ment into the interior living spaces.
ThermaAdvantage® provides enhanced levels of protection and security from severe weather over the entire lifetime of the building and meets the requirements of the BCA AS/NZS 4859:1 code.
In addition to its insulative qualities, ThermaAdvantage® can provide real benefits during construction by giving an early weather proof building envelope allowing internal trades to commence work prior to completion of the external finish. This saves time in overall construction.

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