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R3.0 Ecowool Insulation (580X1160)

Brand: Ecowool Insulation
Product Code: CEILINGECO3.0580
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R3.0 Ecowool Insulation (580X1160)

R3.0  580 X 1160 / 140mm / 10.76m| 16 Batts per pack


Termico's glasswool batts are a resilient and compressible insulation product which have received third party certification that they comply with AS4859.1 “Materials for the Thermal Insulation of Buildings”.

We supply a range of batts with R Vales from R1.5 to R4.0 and they are fire resistant.

Our rage of batts reduce the need for energy intense heating/cooling methods therefore reducing greenhouse gas emissions also reduction of energy usage results in substantial savings in power costs.

Termico's glasswool batts make the home more comfortable all year round by minimising the extremes in temperature as well as reducing noise transfer within the home.

Data Sheet : Download Installation Guide : Download

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