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Polyester solutions Insulation

Polyester is a safe, non toxic, itch free fiber that because of its non hazardous properties is used extensively in the medical, food, apparel, bedding, carpet & furniture industries, as well as the building industry.
The polyester insulation products do not contain any raw material with chloride compounds, nor are chloride compounds used in the insulation manufacturing process. There are also no other corrosive chemicals used at any stage of the manufacture of the insulation or the raw materials.
The polyester fibers have Non Allergenic properties and are safe for Asthma sufferers.Polyester insulation products do not contain binders that may deteriorate and crumble over time, or use short or brittle fibers that are prone to breakage and /or easily respirable. Therefore Polyester insulation products do not have the potential to create dust due to fibres or other detritus working their way down through lighting and air conditioning vents in the ceiling.