5 Biggest Insulation Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Insulation MistakesAs a house owner you will demand that your house has a comfortable temperature no matter what the season is. So, it basically means you want a home that is energy efficient and you do not have to spend too much achieving that. Well, you can get both of these benefits by insulating your house. But if the process is not done correctly then you will not be able to enjoy the perks. Here are certain mistakes that you can avoid making during installation. Here some insulation mistakes.

Using duct tapes without any insulation

The biggest mistake one can commit during insulation process is to let the contractors use duct tapes through an attic space that is unconditioned. You must make sure that duct tapes are only used in conditioned spaces or simply seal and insulate the spaces properly to cut down on loss of energy. If the room happens to be conditioned then cover the duct tapes with insulation (R-4) to eliminate any condensation.

Not paying attention to the role of natural light

Understand that your home should take full advantage of natural light; this will allow natural heating of your house during winter season. You must design the house in a way so that the axis is from east to the west. Designing windows facing south is a brilliant idea. You may have been told that skylights are great but they are not your only options, sometimes they can make the room very hot and extremely uncomfortable. You can consider tubular skylights for rooms that are very dark; this in fact will eliminate loss of energy.

Going by the R Value

There is no doubt, the more the R-value the higher the insulation, but this is only half the truth. You have to make sure that your insulation works well against issues like air leakage. These leaks can cause energy loss up to 40%. Just one time hard-work can saves your long electricity bill to a great extent.

Compromising on quality of materials

Everybody knows that spray foam may be very expensive in comparison to Fiberglass but it is worth it. This is onetime expenditure and after the drywall comes up you will not have to redo it again. So, you see that choosing products because they are cheap will not help you solve other problems like allergies, rodents, noise and mold.

Rushing the process of insulation

You should know that insulation is a delicate process and that a lot has to be taken into consideration. So, it is always better not to speed up the process as the results could be disastrous in the long run. Insulation is a sensitive process, so it is better to spend a little extra money and time in doing things right. The process of installation is just as important as the materials used to insulate. For quick and effective solution you can approach to professionals who can give you best affordable solution in quick time.  So, what are you waiting for? Find the right insulator right today!